Thursday, January 8, 2009

Monserrate on Tape

Recently arrested State Senator Hiram Monserrate will get convicted of assault according to law enforcement officials. Why? They have him on a security camera stabbing his girlfriend with the broken glass. The incident, which led to 20 stiches near her eye, is being called an "accident" according to Monserrate. According to Monserrate, the tape will exonerate him. According to local law enforcement, the recording will show Monserrate assaulting his girlfriend and dragging her around while she clings to her eye with a towel, him tossing her handbag down a garbage chute, and an instance where his girlfriend knocks on a neighbor's door asking for help. A neighbor said that she "...heard a lot of crying and then she ran down the stairs screaming and rang on my bell frantically, three times." The neighbor found a bloody towell on the stairs when she went out into the hallway. If convicted, Monserrate will be automatically removed from office and change the Senate numbers to 31 Democrats to 30 Republicans, possibly leading to a special election to replace him.

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