Monday, December 8, 2008

Tedisco on the Democratic Senate Majority

Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco in a bold statement begs the question, is the Democratic Senate Majority for sale. What does he mean? After the "Gang of Three" got their way, one of them being handed the Majority Leader Status, Tedisco asks if Malcolm Smith is just ready to cede to anyone who will help them retain majority status. Here's a quote -
"The in-coming Senate Democrat Majority talked a good game about reform, but when it came time to act, they went back to the standard Albany playbook. They cut the mother of all backroom deals to divvy up political power among themselves, anointing Senator Smith the new President Pro Tem. It looked like a bad episode of ‘Let’s Make a Deal..."
Following his comments, Tedisco offers some potential reform ideas which are worth examining.

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