Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick News Blurbs

Before I take a Christmas sabatical from blogging, here's a quick news update for those following the State Legislature.

The NY Post is reporting that Senator-Elect Monserrate slashed his girlfriend in a jealous rage over finding another man's business card in her purse. She's trying to get the charges dropped, but they're still going through with them at the moment. Also, Malcolm Smith confirmed that he dropped by to see and show support for Monserrate when he was in jail.

Currently two Republican State Senators are trying to prevent Monserrate from taking the oath of office and serving due to the severity of the charges laid against him. The resolution was initially submitted by Senator Martin Golden (R-22) and was co-sponsored the following day by Senator Cathy Young (R-57). If the resolution passes, Monserrate would not be able to hold office until there is closure on the pending case against him.

The Working Families Party is working against the "Gang of Three," currently working to get petitions signed by Democrats in Espada and Diaz's districts in order to try to coerce them into siding with Malcolm Smith in the Senate leadership dispute. The WFP hopes that by shaming them into noticing that their district Democrats want them to support Smith, that they'll do it. From what we know of the two of them, that doesn't seem plausible.

Here's some statements on Governor Paterson's Budget by two conservative Assembly Republicans, (both profiled here at Red Albany in the past).
“This is ongoing disingenuous argument that ever statewide elected official ever makes...We’re not going to raise taxes which means we are not going to raise the income tax, but in the meantime, we are going to nickel and dime everybody to death. In the end, they are still dead. And that’s the problem, that the budget is sort of the death by a thousand cuts here...it is not a genuine discussion to success that we didn’t raise the income tax, but we got everybody else doing everything else. And that’s what this budget does.”
-Assemblyman Marc Molinaro (R)

"We taxed our way into this hole; we cannot tax our way out...We have to stop digging and get our addiction to spending in line. Folks are going to have to feel the pain at all levels, but it has to be equal and there should be no tax increases."
-Assemblyman Greg Ball (R)

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