Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NY For Growth - Budget Edition

Here's a message from New Yorkers for Growth which I recently received via email -
New Yorkers Bleed Red Ink Under Special Interest Tax Hike Proposal

Using television ads, websites and press releases, Albany's biggest spenders are pushing a plan to spend even more than the 1.7 percent increase in Governor Paterson's budget proposal - and they want to pay for it with a new tax increase in a recession economy.

Using familiar scare tactics, the spending proponents argue that the Governor's budget does not allocate enough to education and healthcare - ironically, the two areas where the state spends the most. They're calling their plan the 'Fair Share Tax Reform,' but it's really nothing more than an income tax increase.

Like you, we know that simply throwing money at the system doesn't transcend into better results.

Consider this: New York's per-capita Medicaid spending is more than double the national average; and, we have the highest per pupil education spending in the country - yielding mediocre performance scores.

New Yorkers Already Pay the Most

According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan research organization based in Washington, D.C., New York already has the second highest state and local tax burden in the nation and has consistently ranked first or second highest since 1977. You can find more facts about New York's excessive tax burden at:
It's true. Paterson's budget is not the answer and instead of figuring out how to streamline our budget and cut spending in a meaningful way, we will continue on the path we've been on for decades wasting money and increasing taxes. I await the budget analysis from our Comptroller.

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