Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Yorkers for Growth

I've got to plug the group New Yorkers for Growth. Here's their mission statement --
New Yorker's for Growth (NYFG) is dedicated to the proposition that excessive taxes and government spending are driving jobs, people, and businesses out of New York State. NYFG will support candidates for the New York State Legislature who, regardless of party, favor and vote for 1) lower taxes, 2) reduced reliance upon debt, and 3) reform of State and local government spending practices. NYFG has registered a political committee with the New York State Board of Elections in order to make financial contributions to candidates.

Special-interest groups often wield a disproportionate share of political power in Albany because of their ability to finance political campaigns. NYFG seeks to level the playing field by providing financial assistance to those candidates who will stand up to special interests and favor the principle of fiscal responsibility towards all State taxpayers.

NYFG will make direct contributions to campaigns of selected candidates, and encourage its supporters to provide financial backing to these same candidates. NYFG will research candidate records and promises to ensure that its support is going to solely those candidates who support the above principles. Moreover, NYFG will keep its overhead low in order that the most funding possible is available to be directed towards all worthy candidates.
A fiscally conservative PAC that will promote good, small government state legislative candidates and which will actually work internally as fiscal conservatives in order to make sure there's more money for the candidates. I like the sound of that. Founding members of interest? Former Assembly Minority Leader and 2006 Gubernatorial candidate John Faso and Nixon Son-in-law and 2006 potential US Senate candidate Ed Cox. If you share their vision of a more fiscally responsible New York, I suggest checking them out and looking into their candidates, I know I will.

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