Monday, December 22, 2008

Monserrate Arrested on Assault Charges

State Senator-Elect Hiram Monserrate, a former New York City Council member, was arrested on Friday for potentially stabbing his girlfriend in the face with broken glass. After the incident, instead of taking his bleeding girlfriend to the closest hospital, approximately five blocks from his apartment, he drove her twelve miles to the Long Island Jewish medical Center in Nassau County. According to prosecuters, his girlfriend, Ms. Karla Giraldo, is the one who told police that he cut her with the chunk of broken glass but later asked that he not be arrested. He is claiming to prosecurters that he tripped and the hunk of glass went into her face. Giraldo is currently not cooperating with prosecuters. He's currently out on $5,000 bail. A random purported relative of Giraldo claims that he heard that she said that State Senator-Elect Monerrate is innocent of the purported charges. If convicted, Monserrate would be removed from office automatically. While on the City Council, Monserrate was an active supporter of legislation pertaining to the rights of the victims of domestic violence. This makes his arrest all the more ironic.

For the record, Monserrate ran unopposed this November for State Senate. Also, in May authorities were investigating whether an agency that Monserrate helped get hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to support illegally helped his campaign.

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