Friday, December 5, 2008

Democratic Senate Majority, Officially

The "Gang of 3" who were holding out to see who offered them something better, have decided to join the Democratic Caucus in the New York State Senate and grant them the leadership. The catch? Each of them gets a prize and same-sex marriage is pulled off the table as the three of them are more socially conservative on this issue. Pedro Espada, who it is still unclear if he legally ran for office, will become the Senate Majority Leader. Malcolm Smith would become President Pro-Tem of the Senate, the first time these positions have been divided in a long time.

I'm glad Skelos didn't bend to make promises he should not have in order to recapture the majority -- but this loss is going to be huge. Red Albany wishes the Democrats the best of luck at fixing the massive budget crisis that they all had a part in helping create.

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