Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy 88

Paterson has just provided New Yorkers with 88 new reasons to vote for a Republican Governor in 2010. Here's a list - iTunes sales tax, 18% soda sales tax, doubled beer/wine sales tax, removal of clothing tax exemption, sales tax on hair cuts, sales tax on satellite radio, increased cigar tax, tax on fitness clubs, movie ticket sales tax, taxi and bus sales tax, and all around higher government fees. Newsday has a nice rundown on the new fees and taxes. All in all, nearly $6 billion in new taxes and fees. If I ever saw a rallying cry for Conservatives and Republicans, this is it. Assembly Minority Leader Tedisco and Senate Republican Leader Skelos have each made their own public statements opposing the proposed new fees. I stand here with them. Republicans in New York need to use this as a call to arms.

There are ways to deal with budget shortfalls that don't force more New Yorkers to lose their entire paycheck paying taxes to the state. What of the citizens of New York City who rely on public transportation and taxis to get around? What of the people who want to overcome obesity (that the soda tax is supposed to be fighting)? Why penalize them as they now have to pay new gym fees? Paterson needs to reexamine this budget and, if it passes, the CPNYS and the NYGOP owe it to themselves to battle this tooth and nail. These fees and taxes are the types of things that have been driving out New Yorkers for years. Truthfully, I hope there are fiscally reasonable individuals out there who are ready to fight this and help find new ways to cut the fat/remove the fees.

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