Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NYS GOP Not Looking Inward?

Bob Fois of News Copy has a post on why the NYS GOP has lost in recent elections. First he discusses NYS GOP Chairman Mondello's comments on the election, who said "...Democrats created a wonderful political product, packaged it amazingly well, found the right “buzz” words and then marketed it using the latest information technology. If Ford could have been as effective as the Democrats we would all be driving Pintos." He's partially right, the right message got through this year and helped Democrats at all levels. He's also partially wrong.

Fois points out that Mondello is blaming the electorate, saying they were duped. But Fois is quick to point out that the NYS GOP did not do their job effectively. They have not been effective Republicans, they haven't been legislating like Republicans, and they haven't been acting like those who believe in limited government. Fois' point is really hit home when he says,
Joe Mondello could start with Dean Skelos, advising the outgoing Republican State Senate Majority Leader to start considering the plight of property owners first and the not become so infatuated with the teachers union. Mondello wants to know why the Republicans lost. He should look at his own county -- where the fiscal reformer is a Democrat. Tom Suozzi wins and he succeeds as a conservative, not as a liberal or an establishment player.
How true it is. Real fiscal conservatism can win in New York. Republicans need to realize that and get ready to buck up. Let's hope the Greg Ball's and Marc Molinaro's take back the reigns of the party to get them back on track.

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Albany Lawyer said...

I'm deeply worried about the future of "real fiscal conservatism" as even the Republicans at the national level are lining up behind a "stimulus" so big they're not even sure they'll be able to spend it in such a short time.