Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two conservatives lose for the price of one

Let’s not forget the main idea of making Albany red is to ultimately make Albany more conservative and not to have a knee-jerk reaction with a “Four R legs good, two D legs bad”-type of thinking. That’s not really thinking at all and just blind allegiance to a party, which is what Sean Hannity partakes in.

An article caught my eye in this weekend’s Daily News about one such pol – Queens Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio:

I paid closer attention to the parts of the above story about him running unopposed for his 16th term rather than “corrupt Democrat.” There ideally shouldn’t be any seat unopposed anywhere in this country, especially someone running for a 16th term as that stagnation is a ripe breeding ground for the corruption Seminerio is willing to plead guilty to committing.

Researching Seminerio further, it looks like we are losing a pro-life Democrat who had supported George Pataki, Rudy Giuliani, Al D’Amato, and Serphin Maltese. The last person can be included in that list of elected Republicans in New York State who are no longer in their elected positions. Maltese is a Republican State Senator in Queens who was a founding member of the Conservative Party of NY and on the National Board of the ACU which organizes the CPAC and provides the ratings to help us keep tabs on our elected officials’ voting records. Maltese just lost reelection this past month and he’s also 76 so he is unlikely he will run again, although we can hope.

One of the reasons Serphin Maltese was able to retain his seat for so long is because a conservative Democrat like Seminerio helped to rally his constituents to vote for a conservative Republican like Maltese in an overwhelmingly Democratic area. Unfortunately, “overwhelmingly Democratic area” is becoming an apt way to describe more and more of New York. The Daily News wrote an article in September when Seminerio was first arrested and how an association with him could hurt a close ally like Maltese in a tight race with the eventual victor Democrat Joseph Addabbo Jr. – son of the Congressman. This race shifted the power in the New York State Senate from the Republicans to the Democrats for the upcoming session.

Had the Republicans put up someone for the Assembly they likely would have won that seat as Senator Maltese went down with the ship with Seminerio. Instead, we lose a Republican Senator and now we’ll have to wait and see who will replace the relatively conservative Assemblyman.

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