Thursday, November 20, 2008

Followup on Espada

Apparently, the Espada situation is even more strange than I could have expected. The oddness? Espada doesn't have a registered campaign committee. Which is interesting, considering that he campaigned for office. This also shows that he hasn't disclosed his finances or who's donated to his campaign. For all we know, his entire run could be funded by illegal fundraising or with massive donations above legal limits. What makes it fishier is the fact that Espada has a seperate account set up entitled "Espada for the People" which he's used to pay for all manner of things, including a $1,480.00 buy on August 8, 2008 to the Tri-State Pennysaver. If this has anything to do with his campaign for State Senate, Espada has violated campaign finance laws. As it is now, his lack of legal committee makes him in massive violation of campaign finance laws. It also makes us was it that Dean Skelos and Malcom Smith both were able to donate to his campaign? They donate to "Espada for the People," which means that their contributions could not be used for his campaign. You would think that the Senate leaders from the two parties would realize that prior to cutting Senator-Elect Espada a check.

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Mike said...

I found your blog off the post. I live in washington state and don't particularly care much about new york politics, aside from generally rooting for republicans everywhere. i check in with your blog every day though, because it's interesting and very well done. keep up the good work!