Saturday, November 15, 2008

Democratic Dominance of Senate

Under State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno we saw a number of Republicans in the State Senate decrease. Next session, the Republicans will be out of power in the New York State Senate and will begin their first session in minority status in the NYS Senate since the 1964-1965 legislative session. This marks the beginning of Democratic Party rule over both legislative branches and the Executive Branch in New York.

This year, Bruno resigned leading to the ascenion of the 9th District State Senator, Dean Skelos as acting Lieutenant Governor and Senate Majority Leader. With the defeat of too many Republicans in the State Senate, Dean Skelos, is responsible for leading the Republicans out of the wilderness in order to retake the missing Senate seats and the upper chamber in the process. His agenda and how he works in the coming year will define whether or not the GOP will be able to reclaim anything in 2010. Senator Skelos, we await your next move.

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